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Five-Life Gaming Donation Page

Thank you for taking your time to donate to the server. Donations keep the server running now and for the future. Please click on the package image below anad follow the onscreen instructions to donate.

Please message Martinez on Discord Martinez#1962 to confirm your donation.





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Custom Car

Donation Terms and Conditions

  • Donations are voluntary.
  • All donations will be used to progress the server. This includes hosting, patreon keys, website and scripting.
  • All donations will be kept in one account, and not moved unless paying server bills.
  • As a donator, your rank does not make you above the rules. If you break these rules, the same actions will be taken against you such as would be a "normal player".
  • If you break rules to a point you are pemantley banned, you will not be able to claim a refund.
  • Refunds are only given in exeptional circumstances discussed with Martinez.
  • Donations packages are a lifetime item. Once you have paid you will not need to pay again.
  • In PayPal notes, please add your Discord Name and ID, and also send a message to Martinez to gain donation ranks.
  • Donations can take up to 24 Hours to be given. Please allow us time to process the payment and give you roles and items. Cars and Discord packages may take longer.
  • Custom cars must not, in any way, be armoured or weaponised.
  • Custom cars can only be spawned by you. They must not be abused in any waya (Given to other people, VDM ect).
  • Not all vehicles on GTA-5 Mods will work. If this is the case, please have a backup vehicle to put in.
  • By clicking "donate" you accept to the above Terms and Conditions.
  • 2020 Five-Life Gaming | Coded by : Martinez